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posted Jul 4, 2009, 4:04 AM by Barber Master
As you can all remember I announced a new feature a while back, and now is almost competed as the r575 added support for the updating info site ;)
Unfortunately for now it only downloads covers from that site.

To use the game info function you have to copy the found at the site mentioned above (without unzipping it) to the folder that you have set to your path settings of the loader as the folder for titles.txt
To show the info you press the button 1 (or was it the 2 button? anyway one will show the info and the other will download covers) and to go back the B button.

This what thedarkness1981 posted:
*Support for added
*Downloads the images depending from which country the game is
There are still missing images so please everyone who wants to help please add
them on ;)