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Vacations Mass News Post v1

posted Jul 28, 2009, 2:49 AM by Barber Master
First of all I tried to compile r661 and had compiling errors. That means that I can't compile at the moment elf releases but I'll mirror the official dol files. It will take me a while though (5kbps speed!!!). :p
  • cIOS38 v14 from Waninkoko is out!! (and it doesn't have the restart bug!!!! -note to myself to update the faq-)
  • Channel launcher was added with factory channels support. You can now browse your channels from USB Loader GX. I don't know if they have implemented the NAND emulation of cIOSv14 yet. Probably not.
*NOTE* In testing, all channels booted fine with system menu 4.1u installed.
None booted with 3.2u installed.
  • Support for the channels database for ATD mod. database.txt should be in the config path
  • offline download changed. You have to use the link that USB Loader GX gives you. At downloads now is the "guide" from giantpune.
  • SendElf / WiiLoad support for the Homebrew Launcher
NOTE 1: For this the network has to be initialized!!
You can initialize the network with the button at the right bottom of the Homebrew Launcher
or by AutoInit Network.
  • Background Network initialize + AutoUpdateCheck if AutoInit Network Setting is turned on (You will get a prompt if a new Update is available)
IMPORTANT NOTE: All those features require network being initialized.
Be aware that when network is initialized some games seem to not want to run,
this means its lowers the game load compatibility.
Most of the games don't have any problem with it but some do.
Thats why there is an option for the AutoInit Network.
  • filebrowser is now used for custom paths
  • titles.txt support was removed. Use
Oh. Also, now at downloads is the windows program (easy installer) that installs to your SD/USB USB Loader GX to be used with your Wii :p