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USB Loader GX 2.2 is out + Forwarder v3.0 + Rodries MOD

posted Jun 30, 2011, 8:30 AM by Barber Master
Your favorite USB Loader for Wii has been updated to v2.2 . This new version supports the new features of the latest d2x cIOS as well as Rodries MOD of the Hermes cIOS v5.1. Also the new version comes with a new forwarder that supports ext partitions. For more details of what's new read the changelogs. The Downloads page has been updated with the new versions and with a direct link to Hermes' original v5.1


USB Loader GX Release V2.2
- Added game categories and filter games list by categories (Can be imported
from WiiTDB).
- Wiinertag support.
- Supporting arguments from meta.xml on boot (--ios=xxx and --usbport=x)
(Requires Homebrew Channel 1.0.7+ or
  UNEO Forwarder v3.0).
- New ehci modules by Rodries with better drive compatibility.
- Added two new video modes to force progressive video mode, 'FORCE PAL480p' and
- Added Sneek Video Patch mode.
- Added new 'Inherit' setting for game settings named "Use global". If that
option is set then the main loader
  setting is used.
- Full d2x cIOS support with it's new features (Block IOS Reload, Return To,
Sector Sizes > 512).
- Support for sector sizes > 512B with FAT32/NTFS (Requires d2x v6+)
- Real support for simultanious use of both USB ports without switching the 2nd
drive temporary off. (Requires
  Hermes cIOS or Rodries MOD of the Hermes cIOS (recommended))
- Added two new settings menus
- Added saving of game browser position when returning to USB Loader GX

- Improved several GUI controls/navigations
- Changed settings menu layout and sorted the items to their correct place (HDD
menu, features menu)
- Set games settings to use the global setting by default, set to "use global"
to use the main loader settings.
- Use TinyXML instead of MXML (better XML support)
- Updated to new libs (libogc, libfat, libext2fs, libntfs)

- "Return to" option now work for all games, even problematic games like Prince
of Persia. (Requires d2x v4+)
- Xflip setting fixed.
- Fix the parental lock of Individual game settings (Thanks to NJ7)
- Fix Theme downloader
- Fixed reset of the loader when loading game with IOS reload and disabled
WiiTDB titles
- Fixed timeout timer on startup to count correctly.
- Fixed reversed disc image download when Custom/Original option is selected
- Fixed reload of game list after a game rename
- Fixed horizontal text scrolling
- Fixed booting games by arguments (headless id feature)
- Fixed We Dare game boot (thx oggzee)

New Forwarder V3.0 Changes:
    *added support for ext partitions
    *added support for arguments from xml
    *clean up of source

Rodries MOD of the Hermes cIOS v5.1 Release Notes:
*Added new EHC module.
*Added real support of using both ports simultaneously without shutting down the other.
There is no longer the limitation that the settings have to be on SD card for this. (ONLY HERMES CIOS!)