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USB Loader GX 2.1 + cIOSX rev21d2x v6

posted Jun 15, 2011, 7:52 AM by Barber Master
I haven't posted here the news for some time now. So, a while ago (almost 3 months) version 2.1 came out and after 8 days version 2.1 r1080. Also this past few months, a new cIOS "flavor" appeared named cIOSX rev21d2x as it is a modification of cIOSX rev21. The latest version out there of this cIOSX is v6 which just came out. For more info about it check the official tread (link has also been added at the links page).

All these can now be found at the updated-with-new-files downloads page ;) Also you can read the changelogs that follow for more info about what is new.

Changelog for USBLoaderGX 2.1 R1080:
Released on 2011 03 28
Fixed support for cIOSX rev21d2xv3
Changelog for USBLoaderGX 2.1:
Released on 2011 03 20
You can find the complete changelog HERE
New :
  • Auto-patch New Super Mario Bros. Wii AP (no Wip file needed).
  • Games marked as "New" will also appear in favorite mode.
  • AltDol+ feature added. Select AltDol method "Prompt when launching" to see a list of dols when launching the game.
    If a wdm file is found in wdm path, it will be used to rename the found dol files to friendly names.
  • Automatic AltDol for known problematic games (SSX, Red Steel, Wii Sports Resort, etc.)
  • Carousel arrow position is now themable.
  • Individual Parental control option for every menus and buttons.
  • When deleting a game, you will be prompt for deleting everything related (covers, cheats, etc.).
  • New setting for Home menu layout.
  • Added support for physical sector sizes other than 512 bytes per sector for wbfs partitions only!
    Tested with a 3TB drive with a sector size 4096 on wbfs partition (thanks to Dexter).
  • Added download for Full covers. If a Full cover is found, 3D box will appear in the game info page.
  • Added additional sort mode "Sort by number of players".
  • Added support for Multiple partitions. When active, all games from all partitions of the current USB port will be listed.
    The selected partition in the GUI Setting will be used for game installation.
  • Added support for Wiimms virtual sector sizes for WBFS to store more than 500 games.
  • New Theme menu to manage downloaded themes.
  • Added support for using USB port 1 (ONLY ON HERMES CIOS).
  • Added support for using both USB ports at once (ONLY ON HERMES CIOS).
    Use this option with Multiple partitions option to list all the games from all partitions from both ports at once.
    ATTENTION : Set all your user defined paths to SD card or you can corrupt your data.
  • Added cache of game titles. This will speed up the startup of the loader. It can be deactivate in the settings.
  • Added left/right on game info screen to go to the next/previous game.
  • Added a widescreen and font scale factor.
Changes :
  • WiiTDB cover download logic changed. Missing cover's localization won't fall-back to English.
  • Libfat now use FS info sector on FAT32 partitions to improve free space reading speed.
    You need to run "Synch FAT32 FS info" once in the Loader setting if free space reading is still slow or free size inaccurate.
  • Cover download menu now uses checkboxes. Choose Discart download priority in the GUI Settings.
  • Changed USB Loader GX WBFS formatter to choose 2048 as virtual sector size if a drive with a size > 500GB is formatted.
  • Removed playcount limit (Previously set to 255).
  • Changed default setting for video mode back to disc default (Correct black screen on game launch).
  • Changed title/channel browser to use WiiTDB for displaying title names if no name is found in WiiTDB the old method is used
Fixes :
  • SD Card icon no longer reset the currently loaded Theme.
  • Fixed bug in the homebrew browser and the homebrew launcher when received via network.
Changelog for cIOSX r21d2x
  • d2x v6: IOS Reload Block: The Ultimate Solution
    • DIP - Added fraglist to support potentially any file system (tnx oggzee).
    • DIP - Added support in fraglist for sector size greater than 512B (typically needed for HDD > 2TB).
    • DIP - Module moved forward in memory and ram section resized.
    • ESP - Module moved forward in memory.
    • FFSP - Module moved forward in memory.
    • EHCI - Fixed an annoying compatibility issue affecting many usb loaders.
    • Code clean up and other minor changes.

  • d2x v5: IOS Reload Block for WBFS devices
    • DIP - Added USB/SD support for games affected by ios reload (WBFS only).
    • DIP - Added ioctl command to save module config from the ESP module before ios reload.
    • DIP - Added syscall 0x46 (check_di_reset)
    • DIP - Fixed dual layer detection for games like Sakura Wars.
    • DIP - Fixed GameCube audio streaming command for retail discs.
    • DIP - Added fatal error whether the base ios is unknown and can't be patched.
    • ESP - DIP config saved before an ios reload request coming from a disc-based game.
    • ESP - Added missing patches for base ios 53 and 55.
    • ESP - Added fatal error whether the base ios is unknown and can't be patched.
    • FFSP - Added fatal error whether the base ios is unknown and can't be patched.

  • d2x v4: A mix of fix
    • ESP - Added "return to channel" feature compatible with all games out there, included problematic ones like PoP.
    • ESP - Fixed error 002 in method 2 for blocking ios reload.
    • ESP - Repeated ios reload are now supported by method 2.
    • ESP - Added support to reload any ios, not only 249.
    • FAT - Removed file logging code since has proved harmful to games like LostWinds and LostWinds WotM.
    • FAT - Added support for sector size up to 4KB (typically needed for HDD greater than 2TB).
    • FAT - Fixed a bug in FAT_GetStats. Now games like Max & the Magic Marker, FFCC My Life as a King and FFCC My Life as a Darklord are working properly.
    • FAT - Fixed the error code returned by FAT_Readdir when the requested folder is an existing file.
      Now all Strong Bad episodes are working properly.
    • FAT - Fixed a bug in FAT_Seek to prevent from increasing the file size when seeking out of the file.
    • FAT - Changed timing logic
    • FAT - Updated FatFs from 0.8 to 0.8b
    • FAT - Fixed a potential buffer overflow while reading a directory
    • FAT - Changes due to the fix for huge HDD made in EHCI module
    • FFSP - Removed workaround on file renaming since the issue has been fixed by updating FatFs into the FAT module
    • FFSP - Fixed the buffer length in FAT_ReadDir to avoid potential problems
    • EHCI - Fixed a bug to support HDD greater than 1TB
    • Other minor changes.

  • d2x v3: Nand emulation improved
    • FFSP - Implemented logging system to make debugging easier (enabled in beta releases only).
    • FAT - Fixed a bug causing the error message "corrupted data" in The Tower of Druaga.
    • FAT - Fixed a bug causing stall in LIT.
    • FAT - Enabled multiple partition support in FatFs.
    • FFSP - Extended ioctlv commands for mounting the desired USB/SD partition on nand emulation start up.
      Default partition is 0 for backward compatibility with rev21.
    • FFSP - Fixed a bug on file renaming causing the failure on the 2nd save in games like The Will of Dr.Frankenstein.
    • FFSP - Fixed the deletion of folder /tmp on nand emulation start up.
    • FFSP - Fixed a bug in nand usage causing save file failure in games like Tetris Party and FFCC My Life as a King.
    • FAT & FFSP - Code clean up and other minor changes.

  • d2x v2: No more lag on usb port 1
    • EHCI - Fixed secondary USB port lag (further information here)

  • d2x v1: Goodbye controller lag
    • EHCI - Fixed controller lag (furher information here).
    • EHCI - Fixed wiimote synch delay on WiiFlow start up.
    • EHCI - Fixed os_restart_timer syscall invocation with the correct number of arguments.