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So what's new at USB Loader GX 2.0

posted Jan 9, 2011, 3:22 PM by Barber Master
Changelog for USBLoaderGX 2.0:
Listing only the important changes since the last stable release r874:
You can find the complete changelog HERE
  • Support for all cIOS (up to Hermes 5.1 and Waninkoko r21)
  • Support for all IOS slot from 200 to 255.
  • Support for WBFS/FAT32/NTFS/Ext2/3/4 with Hermes v5+ and Waninkoko r18+
  • Support for multiple WBFS partitions (Hermes v5+ and Waninkoko r18+)
  • Support up to 8 partitions to store the boot.dol and datas (config, images, themes, etc.)
  • Support drives >1Tb
  • Support for Primary/Logical partitions and GUID Partitions Table (GPT).
  • Added configuration file version checking. It will reset the old one automatically if important changes occured.
  • Added URL to hosting websites ( for theme and for update files).
  • Added screenshot feature while in the loader (Press Z+c).
  • Support more sound formats: AIF/MP3/OGG/BNS/WAV now with no file size limit (streaming).
  • Support for the new Homebrew Channel (1.0.7+) when exiting the loader.
  • Support for the <no_ios_reload/> tag in the meta.xml for AHBPROT enabled with HBC 1.0.7+
  • New homebrew launching engine
  • New Theme format (Now uses the same format than the language files).
  • Per game lock feature for better parental control.
  • Choose the sub-directory naming convention when installing a game (Ignored on WBFS partition).
  • Select the split size when installing a game: 2GB or 4GB or none.
  • BCA files support.
  • WIP patch files support.
  • Automatic patch for "Prince of Persia: The forgotten sands" (no Wip file needed). (Disable "Return to" option in Prince of Persia preferences)
  • Added Wii message board update (Playlog) when exiting a game to the Wii menu.
  • Brawl+ support.
  • Return to a channel when exiting a game.
  • Removed 1:1 install mode, use install all partition instead or use a real dumper if you want a clean dump.
  • Changed the default folders layout, now the themes and images folders are sub-folders of the loader (apps/usbloader_gx/themes, etc.)
  • Changed the way the Parental control is working and don't read the one from the wii setting anymore. The password is crypted in the config file.
  • Now uses the full Wiitdb.xml instead of the user generated file.