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Simple WBFS File Manager is now Wii Game Manager

posted Dec 29, 2009, 6:12 AM by Barber Master

The program I introduced to you, not so while ago, for the games management with fat32, changed it's name. The following is a part of the creator's post

What is this program:
If you are here probably already know but, this is a program for managing a Wii game collection on your PC.
Previously Simple WBFS File Manager this program has been completely rewritten form scratch and renamed to something more suitable.
It is written to add a GUI to wbfs_file.exe written by Oggzee.

What it does:
By using wbfs_file.exe written by Oggzee, this program can convert .iso and .wbfs files to the oppisite format, it can also add and remove these files to a WBFS formatted partition.
It will also maintian your game cover collection

What it does not do:
It does not include support for formats other than .iso, .wbfs and WBFS Partitions
It does not download games nor will it tell you where to get them

This application can be broken on purpose if you try hard enough, telling the app to delete a game and then immediately telling it to process the same game in some way will cause the function to fail or the app to crash. I will be working on stopping this from happening in the next version.
Also, it does not currently check for duplicate requests, you can tell it to resplit your files 20 times and it will do it.
These are known bugs, I chose to release this version this way as I did not want to delay it any further. The main functionality of the program is 100% so these small annoyances can be fixed in the next version

It will be available here at the downloads. The link will be sending you to the official post of the creator so you can always get the latest version. ;)

UPDATE: Version 1.3 is out ;)