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r763 The update to cIOS222 rev4 is finished

posted Sep 30, 2009, 8:42 AM by Barber Master
This is the log of the r763 by lustar

The mload/ehcmodule update is now complete, thanks to dimok. You need to update Hermes cIOS 222/223 to v4 if you use it because it works the same as in uloader, only v4 is supported. You may have to delete your main configuration file before updating if you had v3 installed. For some games, you will have to use 222 instead of 223 (RB instruments, GH 5) if you had 222 v3. If you think you need an external ehcmodule.elf, you can put it in SD:/apps/usbloader_gx/ and it will be loaded. Fixed crash when setting a custom path using the folder button (issue 864). Fixed black screen when starting the loader from HBC a long time after powering the Wii and the HDD went to sleep (tested on a WD 2,5") (possible fix for issue 881).

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