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NTFS support!!!

posted Dec 19, 2009, 7:30 AM by Barber Master
r867 and r868 are out and they brought the initial NTFS support
Here is the changelog
* Added initial NTFS support
* Added load system based on fragments

This commit is made possible for Oggzee and his great work on supporting other
We already had fat32 support (check previous post)
What does this mean?

- Your drive is fat32 formated and can be used from Windows, Mplayer CE, Homebrew Channel, USBLoader GX settings and covers AND for .wbfs game files
Also check this faq

Why would we want NTFS?

- It's the most common default format for large HDD at the moment. You could use any HDD without worrying what is it formated to ;) Plus fat32 doesn't allow files bigger than 4GB

If you need a manager for the .wbfs files (to convert iso files or extract games as .wbfs files from a WBFS partition) CFG-Loader has a command program wbfs_file (v2.1 for linux, mac os, windows) which is used by
Simple WBFS File Manager +

PS: For the Greek visitors there is a beta greek hacking guide now (for now it's hosted at the forum)