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New revision with PoP support / cIOS222 v5.1

posted May 29, 2010, 10:56 AM by Barber Master
The new revision 932 is out and gives USB Loader GX support for the new Prince of Persia.

Here is the changelog:
*WIP Patch fix. WIP patches should work now. Tested and confirmed for PoP. WIP Patches will be only accepted in the following format (let's not invent thousands of different formats): In 3x 4 bytes columns separated by a space (no ":" allowed) offset | original address | overwrite address Example for PoP: 007AAC6A 7A6B6F6A 6F6A7A6B 007AAC75 7C7A6939 69397C7A ... The original address is compared before patching and is not patched if it doesn't match. You can see the confirmation or fail of a patch on the Gecko Output. *A few fix ups in different places

By the way a newer version 5.1 of Herme's CIOS 202/222/223/224 is out

Here is a Google Translation of the post the author made:
-Added the update of the sources mload (4.1) with the cIOS 5.1 (Sounds confusing right? XD). V5 CIOs are still valid, since uLoader not need the 5.1 update to work normally. Why did I upgrade?. Well, as explained above, to give other developers in an "easy" to be able to hide the device "/ dev / mload", because the way I do, that are bundled insurance;)

- As explained in the previous version, the device / dev/usb2 has been changed to / dev/usb123. As explained in the source of the installer, a developer may find that string in external modules and replace it with another randomly (I for the moment, do not) and thus prevent "dev/usb123" is detected.

I'm not aware of the compatibility with USB Loader GX so it won't be at the downloads yet. But for those that they want to try it, here is the official download link of cIOS with Uloader
Or just the cIOS