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New layouts!!!

posted May 27, 2009, 12:48 PM by Μαρίνος Πατίρης
r377 started the evolution that still goes on. That revision was the first to allow you to change your game list contents (yes I'm talking about the favorites option).
But from r405, your favourite USB Loader is also adding new layouts for your game list. GRID is the first to be added and is being followed by Carousel and the famous Titlemenu

So far these options are available as icons above the Game List

Star icon - Shows all games/Shows only your favorite games
ABC and charts icons - Chose between sorting alphabetical your game list or by most played
GRID icon - Toggle between GRID and normal
Carousel - for now just some crazy icon effects :p
Titlemenu icon - SOON

NOTE: The new views are works in progress (as well as the whole loader of course :p)

titlemenu preview