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Hermes' cIOS support is back plus...

posted Jun 11, 2009, 8:07 PM by Μαρίνος Πατίρης
r493 is out and it features support for the Hermes LATEST cIOS. Yeah, you read it right

This is what dimok said:
*Added support for NEW Hermes cIOS (It still might have some bugs so please
report them to me)

NOTE: When you change Global cIOS boot you need to restart for it to take

NOTE2: Best way of launching games (most compatibility) is avoiding an IOS
Reload by not initializing the network and not have different boot IOS than the
one set in GameSettings.

NOTE3: Know issue: IOS249 boots slower now at the starts. IOS222 boots fast as
You can grab now the latest Hermes' cIOS installer at the download section ;)

r494 is out and added the cIOS223 support too (it's just Hermes with different name :p)

changelog by dimok:
*Added IOS223 support

NOTE: If your loader is rebooting when you try to start a game its because you
initialized Network! Right now initializing the network by trying to update or
trying to download covers/discimages the Loader has Issues with booting games.
Try booting games directly without initializing the Network.