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Gamecube backup loading and beta USB Loader GX

posted May 11, 2012, 4:07 AM by Barber Master
There has been a while since the last stable version of USB Loader GX and you probably wonder what is happening. Rest assured that there are new cool "tricks", and one of them is loading Gamecube games.

For that you will need DIOS MIOS Lite (DML), an SD CARD,
and the latest BETA version of USB Loader GX found here

more info about DML at the gbatemp topic and the files you need to download can been found at the google code site of the progect

Note that force 480p wasn't working when this was written with GX + DML 1.4 but only with 1.3

PS: DML may need an SD card for the games but what about DM ?!?

"What can I say, Impossible is nothing and never give up!
After looking at DM again I managed to solve the MEM2/ARAM issues
by changing the USB code and some other stuff to make it work without MEM2.
DM has the same compatibility as the current DML version, of course the reads
are much faster as you can already see in this video.

No I didn't hack up CC support, I use a GC controller and I will _never_ add CC support either!
DM is like DML from every aspect of features and issues it "just" runs games from USB instead."

by crediar