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End of Vacations - University exams are here

posted Sep 2, 2009, 12:54 PM by Barber Master
Unfortunately I'll be busy for a little longer. But there was nothing new out with USB Loader GX, except the latest rev 719 which allows you to change the game ID for custom games. ;-)

Anyway, the only new thing that I can report (as I haven't read the new forum posts yet) is that uLoader v3.0B was released and includes a new cIOS of Hermes. I haven't checked it for compatibility with USB Loader GX, nether have I read any reports regarding that, so you have to check it on your own or check the forums for someone that done it already.

See you around... ;-)

This was posted at the forum by Old8oy
cIOS 222 rev4 has been tested working with GX by DjDynamite. He mentioned a noticeable improvement in load times smile.gif
I will confirm later on tonight.