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cIOSx v19 (cIOS249) support has been added!!!

posted Apr 10, 2010, 4:59 AM by Barber Master
At last but not least, r922 of USB Loader GX has been released two hours ago. This release has fixed issues with Hermes cIOS v5 and has finally added support for cIOSx v19.

Log message

- Fixed Hermes rev5 issues (I think :))
- Added support for ciosx (yes, including FAT/NTFS) (As always, say thanks to
oggzee for this)
- Fixed bug with game specific settings (which *could* end up using other
settings than you expected)
- Removed fat_ffs for now (save game emulation might conflict with FAT/NTFS
support, we have to test this)
- Maybe more, but I forgot them, I think