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cIOS feast

posted Feb 8, 2010, 8:41 PM by Barber Master
Yesterday cIOS 222/223 and first-time 224 rev5 has been released. Unfortunately they are not supported by USB Loader GX yet, but here are some info about it. Apparently 224 was introduced for merging IOS38 with IOS57, which -if I'm not wrong- is used for the camera game "Your Shape". Something also new to the cIOS/uLoader is

- It have a new FAT / FFS module that emulates the saves of the console (see Configuration -> Edit CFG#2, select a connected device
and folder (it support "nand", "nand2", "nand3" and "nand4"). You can export from the NAND the saves (if you have) one or launch directly
and teh game creates one. If the folder countain datas, you can see it in Green and Red without any datas. SD is protect for Game access
if you are using it (remember you need a SD with 32KB per cluster to work in optimus conditions)

The only thing we can do for now is to wait for USBLGX to support it. And while we wait for that, why don't we wait for the release of cIOS249 rev18?

cIOS rev18 is scheduled to be released in 1 week minimum. It's going to be the BIGGEST update ever (almost everything got changed).