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cIOS 249 with fat support + Wii Game Manager + more

posted Feb 5, 2010, 9:51 AM by Barber Master
For those that haven't heard it, waninkoko seems to be more active than ever as you can see at his twitter page. He had released the source for his programs, he added fat support to cIOS, he released a cIOS nightly build, he gave us a hint "FFS plugin + FAT module == NAND emulator" for the feature? and he is about to release a new cMIOS with a new installer. Maybe the new installer will use The STM Exploit, which is used by the Homebrew Channel installer, and make easier the installation to an unpatched Wii. Anyway I haven't tried the nightly build yet, cause I'm in the middle of exams at the University, nether I have looked further into it.

But the news don't stop there. I was thinking to create a Wii Scene news portal here at koureio. A preview can be found at but as you can clearly see it's not fully active yet. When it goes live I'll post here about it. Please leave your comments for that project at it's first post.

Last, but not least,  Wii Game Manager has been released and it's now fully portable. Also a lot new features has been added. Here is the changelog since

Changes to
Changed settings file to settings.ini located in the application directory
Updated the language routine to validate language files by version. The program will still allow older file use but will give an error message that the file is for the wrong version.
Fixed the statusbar would sometime be the wrong size on program start

Changes to version
Updated wbfs_file.exe to version 2.9
Fixed extract iso from WBFS partition
Added second Game List
Fixed error checking for format WBFS option
Finally found the WBFS drive size bug, it is fixed smile.gif
Some routines have been rewritten to be more efficient
Added compare list A-B functionality
All menu functions have been rewritten to work based on the currently visible list
Added Drive To Drive Copy
The program should now properly prompt for Administrator access to run
Better handling of corrupted game files
All games will now be given a static index number when they are added to the list. This allows for the list to autoupdate when a function finishes (ie: delete will now remove the item from the active list after the title is deleted)
***Since the game lists are not locked and can be refreshed manually at will, if the item to be processed is queued and the list is manually refreshed, it will not be removed from the list as its index will have changed.
***This index will continue to grow until the program is restarted, at that time the index will start again at 0. I'm sure there is some max number that can be counted by the PC, I dunno what it is but I seriously doubt anyone will ever reach it smile.gif
***Deletes and moved titles will take advantage of this feature. Keep in mind that this will only remove them from the list. If you move an item it will be removed regardless of the location you move it to. If you want it to show back up in the list, you will still have to manually update the list.
Made some changes to the way the WBFS drive selection window is populated, you will now recieve a message if all WBFS partitions are being used when you attempt a function that requires access to them. The drive is inaccessible when it is being used so you will need to wait until whatever is using it is done before proceeding.
Added the ability to use F5 to refresh the currently visible list
Added a seperate popup window to allow for the display of all available covers at one time and still keep the cover functionality and flow of the main form

**Some known issues with version 1.5
The print routine works well for most languages, however some languages like Chinese will display incorrect spacing and others will dispaly with overlapped text as the translation from english is too long. This will be fixed eventually.
XML game info has not been updated at all, this is a back burner project. I will update it more eventually, but it is not a main priority. I am working towards displaying more of the info and also allowing for multi language display as well.
I have yet to track down the random queue bug. If anyone can give me some specifics as to when this happens it will help alot. (The queue will randomly stop processing for no reason for those of you who didn't know)