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cIOS249 rev17 is out + Wii Game Manager

posted Jan 18, 2010, 8:44 AM by Barber Master

Am I the only one that thinks that the releases of cIOS249 are more often since Waninkoko announced to leave the scene? Anyway, cIOS249 rev17 is out and (also)
Neogamma r8_RC1 AND Triiforce MRC rev7
work with it with no problems.

- DIP plugin improved (some code has been rewritten).
- More error 001 bug fixing.
- DVD+DL bug fixed.
- FFS plugin fixed.

NeoGamma readme had this about cIOS249 r17 compared to its previous revisions

Rev 17:
- contains BCA code
- Rebooter status unknown, may be broken, maybe not
- Same issues as with all other revisions: No instruments, no Monster Hunter Tri, possible online issues...

As of the Wii Game Manager, version has been released. The major changes since v1.3 is the translations for the program and the ability to format a HDD to fat32. Here is the changelog from the original release post:

.net 3.5 and the program must be run as administrator as I did not feel like learning all about windows security just to make my program do what I want it to do. This may be looked at closer in the future to avoid confusion but it not at the top of my list of things to do

A Note about the language files: I have not written alot of error checking into the translation routines, this being said if there are missing entries in the language file, the program will crash. This will be taken care of in later versions, but for now just be aware of it. Versions 1.3 and below do not support multi-language.
Changes to version
Added Close button to custom theme creator
Rewrote the language loading routine with more error checking, if a section is missing it will report it and continue, If a value is missing it will ignore it
**Note: This may cause some items to appear with no text, make sure you have the right language files for your version
Added some additional item translations that I missed previously
Added the ability to format to FAT32 using fat32format.exe, if it does not exist it will be created in the application directory
Added the ability to press a key to select items in the list that match the letter pressed. multiple presses will cycle through each item that matches the letter pressed.
Fixed highlighted items would disappear from the list if it lost focus
Fixed Ctrl-A could only be used if the main list had focus (This still requires the main list to be visible)

Changes to
Fixed the theme option for checked item background
Fixed the extract .wbfs from WBFS partition options

Changes to version 1.4
Added a wbfs_file version check. If the wbfs_file version is incorrect the program will silently replace it at startup and add a log entry.
Fixed several bugs from previous the version
Added several bugs to this version Nah, hopefully I got most of em
Added Custom Theme Creator to help with theme creation
Added Language Translations (There are some minor formatting issues with certain menus)
Added format WBFS partition (Fat32 and NTFS are disabled for this version)
Added the ability to print items in the list
Additional wiitdb XML info is still broken in this version, although the picture stays put now
Menu items are no longer disabled, they will simply print a message when you select an item that is unavailable
Added additional information on the current process. IE: ETA, Throughput and time elapsed.
Added Total Items in Queue label
Fixed broken titles.txt language selection
Added a few more items to the log (Yes the log is still not even close to right, I still have many items to add to it)
There are probably other things I have forgotton, I was silly and didn't record my changes

Bugs I know About:
There is a bug in the "Select all games not in folder/drive<X> I will work on this functionality for the next version and hopefully optimize it to perform better.
There is a bug in the centering for the print preview, the final print should come out centered tho
There is still a bug with the wbfs drive size displaying all the time (Just can't seem to find this one)
The is still no additional functionality for queue handling. I'm working on that