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Anti 002 fix option?

posted Jun 19, 2009, 1:35 PM by Barber Master
First we had the 002 error, then 002 fix followed and now anti 002 fix?
Apparently the cios 002 fix version is a little "ugly" and some games don't run ( v13 -not v13b- doesn't have it) so  for all those people that doesn't use v13 we present you the anti 002 fix (credit goes to Wiipower)

Here is what dimok said when he submitted the changes:
*Added Anti 002 Fix to GlobalSettings which was made by WiiPower (Thanks)

NOTE: This fix is for games like Ghostbusters which don't work under IOS249
Rev10. With this fix on, this games work on Rev10 and you don't need to switch
the cIOS all the time to play those games. For this option it is necessary that
you turn ERROR 002 FIX ON.