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Altdol from disc option and a little bit of HBC function

posted Jul 16, 2009, 7:52 AM by Barber Master
The program develops too fast for me to follow at the moment. I have been absent for a week and a lot have happened since then.
That week's changes that worth a spot at the news are AltDol from disc and the HBC-like functionality.

A guide for altdol from disc by giantpune.
Note: r626 has the latest changes to that feature.

Regarding the HBC-like function, I think the changelog is enough for the explaining

Here is what dimok wrote with r627:
*Made a little HBC inside our loader
*Added HomebrewFiles Class

NOTE 1: In settings/custompaths you can change the HomebrewPath and the standard
is SD:/apps/. Our browser searches for EVERY .dol and .elf file in the directory
even if its not called boot.dol.

NOTE 2: Giantpune and me tested the homebrewbooting and it worked for every
homebrew we tested except our own application. (a bit ironic)

NOTE 3: Right now the information on the Buttons is the path to the Homebrew.
This and the BootPrompt will be replaced with the XML information inside the
path of the homebrew later but for now i am taking a break

NOTE 4: Right now the button to the HomebrewMenu is next to WiiMenuButton and
has the same image as the listgamebrowser. I didnt have any images so i took
what i had and cyrex will change the images when he is back. Also there will be
a no icon image added later.
PS: Tomorrow I'm leaving for vacations (at least 10 days) but I'll take the laptop with me and try to keep updating the site. Also I haven't yet checked like 20 pages from the forum, so I haven't been fully updated regarding this week.