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I see on the site that there are channels and forwarders... so what are the differences? Check the forwarder page. 
Will any version created allow other usb devices to be used while using the loader? ex. Rock Band, Guitar Hero. Install cIOS38 v12 or greater 
Where can I see what rev I am using? Click the star (credits) at the settings 
Why I can't see the covers/discs/images I put at my covers'/discs'/theme's folder (and I have set the correct path at settings)? The images dimensions must be multiples of 4. Example covers' dimensions: 160x224 (not 225 or 226) Discs' dimensions: 160x160 
My HDD is not detected. Make sure that you have Waninkoko's cIOS v9+ installed. If you are using v12+ then make sure that you have connected the HDD at usb port 1, as the other port is reserved for usb devices that the games use. If it wasn't one of these cases, check that your HDD has power. If that wasn't also your case then probably you HDD is not compatible. 
Running the 1st game is ok, but when I exit out to Wii menu, and load USBLoader again, it freezes when trying to run a 2nd game. It's a bug in cIOS13[b]. The next cIOS fixed this. 
What's the difference between "Update .dol" and "Update All" on the update screen? Update .dol updates only the dol, while Update all updates also the icon.png, meta.xml, language files that you had and game info data. 
I would like to see the .... function. You can make a request at the google code site (check the links). If the coders like it and they can do it, then it will be added at some point. 
I have problem running the ... game. GBAtemp has a compatibility wiki general for usbloaders. You can check there for solutions (I'll add it later to the links). If the game works generally but not with USB Loader GX then report it as a problem at google code page. 
The music at the credits screen rocks! Sounds somehow familiar...can I get it somewhere? 
Are you guys going to update the latest cIOS from Waninkoko? He has vXX already. It already works unless stated otherwise. And if it is stated otherwise, then it is already being worked on. 
I realize Gecko 1.9 is closed source so it is difficult to remove the 256 line code limit in Ocarina, but are there any plans to solve this? I think no, but I have to check on this back ;) 
Currently, I am using USB Loader GX channel and I would like to upgrade to latest rev. I had tried to perform online update with the "Update" button under the setting; However, I am getting error as "Can't create folder"....Then follow up "Update failed". I had also tried to do manual update by downloading the WAD file but also failed to update as getting error code 2011. Any idea what's went wrong ? mmm. I have to check the code. It could be missing cios249, corrupted SD (needs format) or your problems with your internet and it downloads only part of the wad file. 
Why do I get that error? Because there is an error :p Remember it's beta program. Report any problem at the link given at help page. 
I have problems with my SD/SDHC card. Then it is obviously a problem with your SD. Try format and things like that. We can't help you with those things. 
Do I need proloader for this? Can I use preloader hacks with this? What is preloader? It is a program that messes with Wii system menu and has nothing to do with USB Loader GX. So I can't answer any question except if you need it: NO :p 
Can I play games online when loading from the HDD? Yes. I think there was a bug thought and it doesn't work if you used any internet function of the program before you load the game. Maybe ciosv14 fixed it. 
With password off by default all anyone has to do to delete games from the usb is pop out the sd card and then run the loader. I preferred the other kid proof way. Why did you change it? Just set a password and it is locked forever (unless you unlock it of course) 
I have seen in other USB Loaders that they're adding GameCube ISO support...! Will this be something you and your team will be adding also? I ask this because i only use your usb loader, its the most stable on my wii. And gamecube support would be amazing! Nobody is adding yet but all they have it at their wishlist. If anyone manages to do it, everyone will do it ;) 
Any ideas why an older unit might see my drive, but the newer doesn't? Check the other hdd faq questions. Maybe you can find there your solution. 
I have a problem that nonone else has and I can't seem to solve it. Delete your gxglobal.cfg and gxgamesettings.cfg files and then read through the rest of the FAQ 
Is the loaders ability to load problem games restricted by cios or are there possible future updates in the revisions that will allow you to sort these problems without the need for cios update? Yes and no. Some problems are cios related and can fixed only with a cios update, while others (see 002 fixes) can be fixed by the loader. 
Does this usb loader bypass game system updates like the one in Mario Strikers Charged and Super Mario Galaxy? Yes, in a way. When you install a game, whether by WBFS Manager or loader, the update partition is removed. So the disc updates aren't necessarily bypassed, they are removed completely. 
i did something to usb loader GX and I can't undo it. The easy way around is to delete the gxglobal.cfg and gxgamesettings.cfg files from the CONFIG folder on your SD/USB device. 
I went from r316 to revision 1 million and have problems When you are updating from such an older version, make sure that you delete the config folder because there may be incompatibility. 
If i try to run a NTSC game on a PAL Wii through the usb loader is there any chance of getting my wii bricked? No (the same applies for PAL games to NTSC Wii) as the updates on the disc images are removed. 
Can i know if indeed the loader support the cios 222? As of r749 USB Loader GX supports only rev4 of hermes' cIOS 222. 
When installing Hermes cIOS 222 and or 223 what combination are you using? A common combination is cIOS 222 installed as 38 merge 37 and cIOS 223 installed as 38 
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