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The forwarder has been updated to v5.1

You can grab the latest forwarder from here

Forwarder V4:
 *Changed to new app_booter method (see WiiXplorer SVN)
 *Properly sync video after flush to avoid possible green flash
 *Centered background image and corrected aspect ratio
Forwarder V3.0 Changes:
 *added support for ext partitions
 *added support for arguments from xml
 *clean up of source

Since v3.0 it needs IOS58.
Targets: device:/apps/usbloader_gx/boot.dol and device:/apps/usbloadergx/boot.dol where DEVICE can be ether USB or SD ;) but if you set an update path at the USB Loader GX settings, then that path becomes the target.
ex. if you set as update path SD:/apps/usbloader/ then the loader will check there for boot.dol or boot.elf and not at usbloader_gx

The video has been updated as of 6/6/2009. It is followed by
the loading screen :p

What are the differences between the forwarder and the channel? Which one should I use?

First we will start with what is the same:
  • Covers and disk images are saved at the SD/USB
  • Changes at settings are saved at the SD/USB
  • Cheats (ocarina) are saved at the SD/USB
  • Both are channels taking space at you Wii memory (NAND)
Now here is what is different:
  • The channel includes the program which is also saved to your Wii memory too
  • The forwarder is a link to the program (dol/elf) saved at your SD card or at your USB HDD
What are the pros of the channel?
  1. You can play your games without an SD card or a second partition at you USB HDD
  2. It starts around a second faster
What are the disadvantages of the channel?
  1. You can't use the update function that the program has. You have to do it manually. Since r590 the update also works for channels
  2. It takes about 1.8 MB more space at the Wii Memory that the forwarder does.
  3. If you use it without an SD (or a second partition at you USB HDD) you can't save your settings, you don't have covers and disk images and you can't use cheats (ocarina)
  4. You don't have the cool loading screen (see above) :p
What are the pros of the forwarder?
  1. It takes 3.6 MB less than the channel of your precious Wii Memory
  2. You can use the update function Both have that option since r590
  3. If you want to manually update is faster and easier than the channel as you only have to replace boot.dol (or elf) at your SD/USB
  4. You don't have to update often the forwarder, you don't have to update it at all if you don't want to
  5. It has the cool loading screen :p
What are the disadvantages of the forwarder?
  1. You need an SD at your Wii with the dol file to be able to use the program (or a second, fat32, partition at the usb device)
  2. It's a second slower to start the program compared to the channel
Do I have to use one of those too?

No. You can use HBC, BannerBomb, twilight hack, loadmii, preloader or whatever else you can and want to use to load the dol file at the revisions page :p