The Revision download page has also the changelog for every new release.

This the old-style changelog updated up to version 1 (r316)


*Added forgotten GameLanguage Setting to GlobalSettings "Game Load"


Fixed the settings that got messed up when I merged sources.


Fixed icon and BG spacing, Fixed Typo, changed effect.


Added support to read game information from xml.  The first draft of the xml is
in the downloads section of googlecode. Put the file (still zipped) in your
titles.txt path. then highlite a game and press 2 to view stuff about the game.
If a synopsis exists for that game in the file, you can see it by pressing a.
Currently only 1 game has a synopsis.

There are lots of fields that are wrong/missing on the xml but don't tell us
about it. Somebody else (Lustar) will be in charge of keeping up with it.


*Updated the Credits


*Seperated browsers

NOTE: This is a temporary and fast solution till DrayX7 is back since he started
it already and i don't have the time right now to do it. This should fix most of
the codedumps at starting up games (if not loaded from carousel).


*Oops, forgot that wouldn't work


*Fixed some bugs in the game browser and game carousel
*Added a few new files for later use


*Made scrolling with D-PAD while pointing at a list browser possible.
*UpdatePath and titles.txt Path are now changable again (forgot to add them
*Added forgot UnicodeFix Option


*Fixed GameSize not showing on install
*Fixed missplacing WiiMotePointer
*Added some missing languagevariables

317 - 469

    *refer to

316:     *Update meta.xml
         *Add a new HBC icon
311:     Updated to V 1.0!!!!!
         Edited Credits
         Optimized some more graphics
310:     *Fixed settings crash on too long paths
         *Added new directory creation function. Now you set unlimited subfolders for covers/discimages.
         The programm creates the subfolders automaticly on download now.
309:     *Fixed tooltip
         *Changed max chars for path to 50
         *Changed the covers and discimages to search for 6 ID first
         *Fixed  issue 230  (giantpune)
308:     Switched settings & back btn on game prompt for consistency.  Added options forevery possibility of flip x to finally end the requests.
306+307: *Little fix
305:     *Moved everything from config.txt to global_settings.cfg
         *Added cover/discimage/theme path edit through global settings
         *Changed if no password is set, you are always godmode (even after reloading GUI).
         If you have password set: the unlock is only till you leave.
304:     *Added Left/Right navigation for global settings pages
303:     *Changed WindowPrompt function to handle 4 buttons in all variation
         *Removed old not needed Prompts anymore
302:     disabled mutex/lock because of problems with FW 4.0
301:     *Reverted to the Widescreen size of Rev295 (this looks better)
300:     *Added SD-Check before saving any settings or starting download.
299:     *Sound loop optimized
298:     remove old ToolTip-Code
297:     a little cosmetics
295:     new Tooltip-Handling, change Widescreen-sizing to mathematically correct value (0.75 alias 1.333), new Clock-Font
294:     *New credits music ;) lol
293:     *Little changes in code
291:     Messed with behavior of progress bars/ prompts some more.
290:     Added mutex/mutexlock to synchronize the GuiThreads and the MainThread, again clockfont edited (bearing of "1")
289:     *Added showing installedsize/totalsize of the game to the installwindow
288:     Fix white lines in settings tabs
287:     Fix progressbar issues.
286:     clock adjusted, clockfont edited (bearing of "1")
         tabs edited... not perfect but ok.
285:     *If you choose Standard cIOS222 the gamesettings standard will be cIOS222 too.
284:     added option to toggle the widescreen fix for prompts/buttons.
283:     *little fix for some games
282:     Apply widescreen effect to buttons, progress bars, and prompt windows.
281:     *Some little changes
280:     *Moved on Option up
         *Added How to shutdown selection. Idle or Fullshutdown
279:     Added pagesize option (number of entries displayed in the gamelist)
278:     *Fixed some Bugs like Ocarina/some game not running anymore and so on
277:     some clock code changes
276:     *Added tooltip to scrollbararrows and Tabs in settings.
275:     Align keyboard with background better
274:     Hopefully fixed erratic click detection in settings.
273:     fix bug introduced in last rev
272:     Create options to quick boot GAME(skip game prompt), and invert the left/right direction in game prompt (switch previous/next)
271:     1. Added custom images for game setting screen (you could use a different background for game settings now. You need to have gamesettings_background.png and bg_options_gamesettings.png
         2. Added custom game list color (gametext_color = r, g, b)
270:     Fixed CreditWindow, changed sdcard logo size
269:     change wbackground to align with buttons.  remove settings and buttons while
         using the keyboard from the settings menu.  set up page tabs in settings menu.
         if we decide to keep it, more time can be spent on the graphics.
268:     Clean up some graphics
267:     Added a special font for the clock
266:     Adds a second drawing-pass for drawing tooltips. Now tooltips allways on top and no more overlapped by other buttons.
265:     *Added question before installing: "Do you really wanna install <gamename><size>?"
264:     *Sorry didnt make DownloadBtn vanish when not unlocked now fixed.
         *New SD-Card image.
263:     *Fixed DownloadCoversButton BUG
         *Fixed Error -128 for cIOS222 (I think, please report if not)
         "Boot Loader in" is only TO BOOT THE LOADER IN THAT SETTING. If you want to boot
         the game in 222 too change it in the GAMESETTINGS.
262:     Fixed custom background not showing bug
261:     Nothing new (a little code clean up)
260:     Annotated code to make it easier to read.  No functional changes.
259:     NO NEW CODE / wiki update
258:     *Reset/Power Button fix on Console by julienstephan
257:     Shutdown the Wii-Remote when pressing the Power-Button
256:     *Added Standard IOS option to global settings. This decides with what IOS the Loader is gonna boot next.
255:     just deleted files that where uploaded by mistake
254:     reverted back to 252
253:     Change the Methode to resize Images for widescreen
         extended Constructors for GuiImageData and GuiButton for easy to use
         change the Font
         add small Font for widescreen
252:     added extra settings to the global save
251:     sd image added
250:     *Fixed IOS222 support, now it really works.
         *Fixed network bug, now you can play online even if you did image download.
         *Changed credits a bit.
249:     *While downloading images now shows what image is being downloaded.
         *Changed the ToolTips of the mainwindow to the new ToolTip function
248:     1. Fixed  issue 156 (custom pointer at wide) and 165 (hide install button in "locked" mode)
246+247: created button to reload SD card so if it is removed, the app doesn't have to be
         restarted to read the SD.
245:     Fixed issue 104 (didn't test) - issue 104 : parentalcontrol , Unlock dosn/t show titles 
244:     Added more custom image support (in setting screen)
         Fixed  issue 166
243:     1. Fixed a download bug (some of you might have this, but not all)
         2. Fixed reset and power button (on wii) not working bug
242:     1. Fixed some sound issue
241:     1. Fixed some theme settings bug that were introduced from r240
         2. show_tooltip option is changed (0 means forced to turn off (ignore general
         settings, 1 means use general settings) I didn't test on it but it should work.
240:     *Added Global Settings save which was made by Astidof.
         I didnt fully review the code and made only a few fixes. Gonna do it later when
         i have more free time. It seems to work good but might be changed or revert
         later if errors are found.
239:     *Disabled pointing to the gamelist while scrolling with holding B
238:     *Fix of R237 xD
237:     small fix (left and right arrows on gameprompt working now)
235+236: Just some graphics edited
234:     *Changed to download 499 images at once and if you got more games just do the
         download again for next 499.
         *Removed some printf in the http.c since they are not needed.
233:     *Fixed GameWindowPrompt LEFT/RIGHT navigation bug
232:     *Changed now not downloading nocover images of the server. instead gives out how
         many not found and for those uses our standard.
         *Added Cancel button to downloadwindow (if it seems to freeze on one file and
         cant cancel, its the server we cant do anything about it. just wait before th
         next file the cancel will have effect.)
         *Added +/- navigation for GameWindowPrompt too
231:     Optimized the game prompt
230:     1. If you set show_hddinfo or show_gamecount = 1, the hdd info and game count
         would be forced to shown (even if you set clock on)
         2. Added custom clock location (see wiki)
229:     *Added automatic download support for custom path
         *Added autocreate directories if not found (fixes crash)
228:     *Added delay to the new ToolTip function
227:     Fixed custom cover path download bug
226:     Bug fixes in gamewindowprompt.
225:     *Fixed Focus bug....Sorry created a little focus bug with Tooltip on top
224:     Set download gamenumber to 500, made tooltip on top of browser.
223:     Make screen fade to dark when a prompt is called.
222:     Iron out wrinkles in the volume control handling.  Add new sound prototype.
221:     Made the left/right on the D-button to change games in the game prompt.
220:     clock freeze fixed
218+219: Added volume that controls SFX as well as BG music.
216+217: Fixed minor bugs
215:     Fixed download issue.
         Notes: right now, if the image is not availabe on the site, a black image (or a
         no cover image) will be downloaded. Currently there is nothing we can do about.
214:     Remove cover DL button while loading cover images from SD card.  This gets rid
         of the ugly images during cover loading.
213:     Fix  issue 127 . &size was not updating correctly as the game was being switched.
212:     Change the button to download covers.  Now click the cover to start downloading.
         Correct typo.
211:     *Added 3D Cover download support
         Disc Images doesnt work yet!!
210:     *fixed an issue (3 ID names are now being checked too)
         3D covers don't work yet....coming soon
209:     *added DownloadAllMissingCovers at once with progressbar (thx to djtaz for hosting the covers)
         The DownloadBtn is under the covers. It will be moved later. DON'T CREATE ISSUES ABOUT THAT BUTTON!
208:     Changed clock function a bit.
206:     -Keyboard accepts now B Button for Backspace
         -changed the SetToolTip
205:     Added Rumble on/off in Settings Menu (default is on).
204:     Added a clock (24hrs) to the main screen. Go to settings and turn the clock on
         or off (default is off). If turned on it repalces the HDD information.
202:     201 didn't compile.  This fixes the issue with image names.
201:     Added left/right to scroll through games on game prompt screen.
200:     1. Added custom color for information text
198+199: 1. Added custom pointer image support
         2. Added custom battery location support (battery1_coords, battery2_coords,
         battery3_coords, battery4_coords)
197:     Changed flow of save per game settings.
196:     little crash fix
195:     Added cIOS222 support. Needs to be chosen in GameSettings.
193:     Added B Button scrolling effect. *Right now you gotta be outside the Window to
         scroll. Gonna disable Pointer when holding B later.*
192:     Should solve Issue 79.
191:     Added showing "Partion <number>: <size> formated!" instead "Partion formated!".
190:     Fixed  issue 101 . typo.
189:     Fixed tooltip bug.
188:     1. Fixed a save game setting  bug
         2. Changed the workflow of save game setting
         3. Added customizable disc prompt window (dialogue_box_startgame.png and
187:     Fixed the show_tooltip bug
186:     Added theme.txt option: show_tooltip
185:     Added two more config options:
         1. cover_path (path for cover art, e.g: cover_path = SD:/images/)
         2. disc_path (path for disc images, e.g: disc_path = SD:/images/disc/)
183+184: 1. Added godmode config option (wiki page added)
         2. Added custom password for unlock (unlock_code config option)
182:     Fixed long name problem introduced by 180
181:     fixed CreditsWindow
         added SetToolTip in gui_buttons
180:     Hopefully the 469 games issue could get resolved.
179:     Changed bg_options_entry.png.  Now text does not hang off the bottom of it.
178:     1. Fixed the battery bug
         2. Fixed some widescreen issue
177:     Took out space for P1 battery display- "P 1" to "P1"
176:     fixed CreditsWindow (options in background are no more clickable while Credits are shown)
175:     added rumble for buttons
174:     password protect rename feature.
173:     Added tooltips (hover 2 sec. over the button and the tooltip shows up. Might be nice for people who don't know the Loader or for kids using it)
172:     Rev171 won't compile. This rev fixed the problem
171:     Optimized memory usage.
170:     Did some code optimization
169:     Fixed the compilation error in r166
167:     Probably fixed the freezing bug
         Now for widescreen, put wbackground.png instead of background.png for background
166:     did some widescreen work
163:     Fixed auto patch not working bug
161:     Fixed some save setting bug
159:     1. Auto Patch become an "video mode" option
         2. Added VIDTV patch option
158:     Messed around and fixed the freeze issue it seems. Its only temporary till we find a better solution.
157:     Fixed a minor bug
156:     small Bugfix for the Game rename option
155:     Optimized the code to use less memory
         Updated the code to prepare for per game save settings
153:     small fix for settings
151:     Game list doesn't start at the top if you go to settings menu and come back to it.  Delete is removed for the time being.
150:     - edited the credits (added music and dimok optimized the code of the CreditsWindow)
         - new button sounds, all buttons now have clicksounds (different click sounds for keyboard/scrollbar and menu buttons)
         - NTSC now shows up as videomode in Settings (small codefix)
149:     -Just deleted some trash in the images folder
         -created a new credits screen
148:     Support more custom images (will update the wiki later)
145:     1. region, game count and hdd info text can be hide and be moved in theme.txt now (will update the wiki later)
         2. Now your config.txt and title.txt need to sit in SD:/config/ instead of in SD root
         3. did some optimization to the code
144:     Fixed some bugs.
         Optimized the code.
143:     delete loadimg and loaddiskimg function
         replaced with the new GuiDataImage Constructor
142:     Disk Shadow edit in dialogue_box_startgame.png for better looking half tranzparent dvd images
141:     * Probably fixed freeze issue.
140:     fixed stupid mistake.
139:     New setting.  display game region, ID, both, or neither.
138:     Made the up/down on the scrollbar holdable.  Added variable scrolldelay.  Played with spindown to make it act like the disk channel.
137:     -Background slightly brighter
         -over keys modified
         -renamed tooltips
134:     Fixed power button location
132:     fixed DVD spin slowdown
131:     click on the game name in the GameWindowPrompt and enter a new name
130:     +Added shadows to the dialog windows (like olayscreen...)
         +rearenge dialog buttons (because bigger image)
         +add a new logo to settingsscreen
128:     Updated wbfs.c, wbfs.h and usbstorage.c to 1.5 based
         Fixed USB Retry image reload bug
127:     * Added new Estimate Game Size function to WBFS
         * Added check free space before install and compare  with gamesize before installing a game
         * Added gamesize being displayed during installation
125:     Left/Right added to scroll a bunch (PAGESIZE) of games.
122:     changed some things again
         no more SD card check and ID text positioning
121:     new nocover.png
120:     image size (width,height) isn/t fixed
         now every size (dividable with 4) works
119:     I was having some time, so worked a bit on the scrollbar. It has still some issues though.
117:     Removed the grow on the play button
116:     Since some forwarders could not load the loader. Some fixes are done.
         Now the titles.txt and config.txt should sit under the root of SD card (SD:/config.txt and SD:/titles.txt)
115:     Now the loader could load bg_options.png from the theme folder
         I will put this information into wiki later.
114:     Optimized some of the code
113:     The cover location can be changed in theme.txt now
         config option: covers_coords = x, y
112:     Revert to r110.
111:     minor fixes
110:     little fixes
109:     un/lock only with the same password
         fixed some little bugs
107:     Also made the location of game selection list customizable
         in the theme folder (look at rev106), create a theme.txt
         and put the following config option to move the game selection list:     gamelist_coords = x, y, w, h
106:     In order to get it to work:     Inside config.txt (which sits in your boot.dol directory), put the line
         theme_path = "yourpath" or
         wtheme_path = "yourpath" (if you are using widescreen)
         (for example, theme_path = "SD:/mytheme/")
         then put "background.png" inside "yourpath" (the folder)
105:     starting the GUI needs a bit longer
102:     Rounded lower edges of credits box
101:     Edited buttons for the keyboard
100:     unoptimized the settings background because it was downsampled to 8bit
99:      optimized all images to save space.
98:      little correction of the main menu buttons
97:      Changed scrolling now you need to press B and you can scroll
         Changed lock now you will see the Install Button but it does nothing if password wasn/t entered
96:      -inserted keyboard to enter password (still the same "AB121B"), if the password is wrong or not entered the install and delete buttons are disappearing
         -fixed Excite Truck bug
91:      Commited for giantpune:      Fixed buttons and button position
         To enter passcode go to settings and press AB121B
90:      fixed halo around install and poweroff button
89:      sorry, was just to test my login -.-
87:      New font (found from adam_the_1st)
86:      changed exit prompt, added cancel with B Button in WindowPrompts
83:      Changed the progressbar outline
82:      Resized button for dialogue box
80:      Code changed to check for 6 ID images if none found check 3 ID images if none found then load standard.
         This way you can have one Cover for each game and custom covers!
77:      fixed some text colour
76:      shows full GameID under cover image
75:      Now only the first 3 characters from GameID are used to get the image files (XXX.png)
74:      little changes;
73:      Delete Game and reloading List: little Bugfix
70:      cleanup
69:      Fix GameWindowPrompt Text.
68:      Little CleanUp
67:      Renamed main menu buttons to *_cyrex for further private use :)
66:      edited dialogue box
65:      Battery Status fixed;
         Images will be changed later probably
64:      If no diskimgage available it loads the standard.
         Put diskimages to sd:/images/disc/ and they need to be 160x160 size.
62:      slightly modified startgame dialogue box border
58:      Rotating discs will come later.
57:      slightly changed nocover image
56:      slightly changed the background for option browser in settings menu
55:      small progress fix
54:      fixed percentage position
53:      replaced libwbfs files with the new from USBloader 1.5
         (fixed my installation problem :) )
         Position done
51:      battery images updated
49:      Video Patch added
48:      corrected position for settings
47:      some minor changes
46:      Rollback of the images
45:      resized
44:      change
43:      fixes
42:      Deleting
40:      fixed image names
38:      Fixed all buttons,boxes,arrows
37:      fix lol
35:      Settings Menu Image added, removed not needed images
34:      Background for the settings menu
33:      System Default Video Mode added
30:      hellere Streifen im Hintergrund. War zu dunkel auf dem TV
29:      a lot of fixes
27:      new font and graphics
26:      fixed
25:      menu changed (slide in GameID)
24:      new images
23:      New Menu
22:      Keyboard removed
21:      Keyboard entfernt.
19:      fixed missing semikolon
18:      Sorry, here is the right Update.
17:      Check
16:      UPDATE
15:      new font
14:      Commented Accellometer controll out
13:      Updated to newest GUI
12:      fixed bug tahat show a dump screen if you exit the loader
10:      Cleaned source, added cover support and credits
9:       Cleaned source, added cover support and credits
8:       deleting source for a new one
7:       Complete new source code
1:       Initial directory structure.